There really is no easy way to make this announcement but after almost 9 years Vintage Vinyl Band is calling it quits. I apologize to our fans, venues, and my fellow band mates for the decision I have made but felt that it is time. We have had a very good run with this band including many, many great gigs and just being inducted into the Rami Hall of Fame. Along with being so grateful to our fans and venues I would also like to thank past and present band members for making us as successful as we were, Denny, Dave, Ron, Don, Terry, Scott, Christine, Karli, Tim and Curt and for many who have filled in for us on occasion. I truly have had a blast doing this project and just wanted to end it on a good note. Best of luck to all of my band mates on your future endeavors, and to our fans thank you again for your support and continued support of local live music. The Rockford area is blessed to have such a variety of great bands that play every weekend in the area, please support live music.

Terry Randall